The Jonathan Bench| Furniture Design



I Collaborated with a cardboard company in Los Angeles that provided me with cardboard boxes.
USEDCARDBOARDBOXES.COM is named literally after its company mission: To provide used cardboard boxes.  The business model is simple and effective in terms of both environmentally friendly and economically.

The collaborative furniture design began as a way of showcasing the two narratives, one being using afterlife packaging and repurposing them into a different form.  Secondly, the furniture creates different seating patterns to suit its environment.  Similar designs have been featured a few years ago, but the undertaking is a way for this particular company to explore its marketing campaign.

The repetitive nature of the design single  slat cardboard enables forms to conjure images of an accordion type structure.

The Jonathan Bench is dedicated to my sister and brother-in-law’s new born son, named: Jonathan.  The intent is for Jonathan to share this with others, especially his older sister Danielle.  What becomes a single seat and turns into a seat for many inherently produces the ritual of sharing.

In french, the word : MOBILE: means Furniture.  It’s the idea that furniture is not fixed, rather able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances or conditions.

Next time we use furniture, think of moving it around our environment, it may change the mood.

My grandfather, Leoncio Gicana built this furniture piece more than 25 years ago out of pallets.  This bench was a source of inspiration in terms of resourcefulness, ideas of sharing a seat and simple execution in design.  So far, this bench has lasted 4 generations and many more years to come.leonciobench

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